Archives of the Shadowed Corners

The hallways lead you past the scorched remains of a door. Only a few burnt fragments remain of its ornate hardwoods, hanging from tarnished silver hinges. Beyond the doorway, shelf after shelf of burnt parchment and torn scrolls are visible.


This was once the manse’s library, although most of its secrets were destroyed when its Solar master fled the Usurpation to hide within, hoping to deny his works to those who he knew would eventually slay him.

A few works remain intact among the ruins of the library. There are a handful of Imperishable sorcerous tomes bound in plates of orichalcum spread throughout the library, although the manse’s magic prevents a sorcerer from finding them before being ready to learn the spells within.

A desk deeper within the library has a half-written letter to the Solar’s Sidereal lover sitting atop it, still stained with his tears, and a number of her letters are within the drawers. None of the letters give any real hints about the identities or lives of the two lovers, mentioning the politics and wonders of the First Age offhandedly where they come up at all. There is absolutely no mention of the Exalted nature of either writer.

Spells of the Library

Terrestrial Circle

Becoming the Wood Friend
Burning Eyes of the Offender
Cirrus Skiff
Commanding Presence of Fire
Corrupted Words
Death of Obsidian Butterflies
Demon of the First Circle
Flight of Separation
Internal Flame
Purifying Flames
Summon Elemental
Sting of the Ice Hornet

Celestial Circle

Demon of the Second Circle
Incomparable Body Arsenal
Magma Kraken
The Princes of the Fallen Tower (Convert from previous edition)
Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation (Convert from previous edition)

Solar Circle

Atrocious Fire Transformation (Convert from previous edition)
Gaia’s Rebuke (Convert from previous edition)
Rain of Doom

Archives of the Shadowed Corners

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