Although the walls of the manse are paneled in expensive hardwoods, and the guest quarters are outfitted with rare luxuries, the true wealth of the House of Shadowed Corners was said to be sealed away in treasure vaults spread throughout the manse.

The vaults of the House of Shadowed Corners contain a great deal of mundane wealth. Finding a single vault grants every member of the circle a single dot of the Resources merit if they did not already possess such. For each additional vault that a character with Resources ● finds, the character has a chance to increase their Resources merit. A character with Resources ● who has found two vaults after already possessing that level of the merit increases to Resources ●●, while a character with Resources ●● must find three additional vaults to increase to resources ●●●, and so on.


Two characters, one starting with Resources ● and one starting without the Resources merit, begin exploring the manse. Upon finding the first vault, both now possess Resources ●. However, the character who started with the Resources merit increases it to two dots upon finding a second vault, while the other character needs to wait until they find a third vault. If there was another character with them who began with Resources ●●, their dots in the merit would not change until the circle discovered three vaults total, at which point they would have Resources ●●●, while their circlemates had Resources ●●.


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