The Nations of Chei

The lands west of the river valley are known as the Nations of Chei—a set of petty states all descended from the same ancient conqueror. Despite (or perhaps because of) their common heritage, the Nations of Chei are frequently at war with each other. However, they all pay tribute to the Realm, and venerate the Dragon-Blooded with a local variation on the Immaculate Faith.

The legends of Chei the Great vary from nation to nation, but all agree that he was not of the Chosen. Some attribute his success to the blood of a god or to Exaltation, while others argue it was simply his skill or destiny that allowed him to succeed. Very few credit his ally, the sorcerer known as Perfected Virtue, with the conquest the two managed together. However, this is more cultural tradition than reasoned study—more than a cursory analysis of the common tales makes it seem very likely that Perfected Virtue did the bulk of the work to unite the territories Chei administered.

Assorted Nations:

Northern Chei (mountainous, northern border, ruled by a conqueror styling herself Chei the Reborn, and her sorcerer ally. Capital city is Blessed Descent, in the foothills of the mountains)

Chei’s Gate (Westernmost nation, controls much of the river trade into the nations, ruled by herediary monarch with rumored Guild ties)

Chei’s Beard (Southern rim of the region, led by oligarchy of powerful merchants with Guild ties)

Lotus Way (along the southern edge of the river, where lotuses grow on the water in abundance. Ruled by a figure called the Lotus Sovereign. The new Lotus Sovereign, Ming, was recently crowned after the death of her elderly mother.)

Chei’s Breath (northern bank of the river, ruled by the Council of Three, their most prominent generals. Lost a bunch of assets to the Wyld Hunt, being raided by Lotus Way)

Steps of Chei (Between Chei’s Beard and Lotus Way in the south of the region, ruled by a scholar-king generally thought of as weak, but whose people are fiercely loyal)

Chei’s March (more rural area between Chei’s breath and Northern Chei, ruled by a council of bloodline elders)

Shrine of Living Wood (neutral sacred ground, located at the intersection of Chei’s Beard, Lotus Way, and the Steps of Chei, sub-Abbot Lo is major senior figure, Abbot Chen is leader)

The Nations of Chei

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