The House of Shadowed Corners

A legendary hilltop manse in the Eastern wilderness, the House of Shadowed Corners is famous for its deadly hedge maze, terrible aerial guardians, and the strange, space-warping labyrinth that is said to trap anyone who manages to get inside. A few famous scavengers lords, explorers, and Exalts have managed to return from visiting it, but none have managed to claim its power…until now.

The PCs were able to pool their efforts and claim the manse before the chronicle begins. They have not yet located the hearthstone chamber in order to attune to it, but they have found a safe route through the hedge maze and have begun exploring the labyrinth within. A wing of guest quarters and supporting chambers have been found, along with a few other curiosities.

Elements of the House of Shadowed Corners

The Hedge Maze
The Halls of Shadowed Corners
Guest Wings
Archives of the Shadowed Corners
Trials of Flame
Hall of Blades
Flower-and-Beast Cauldron


Repeating Secrets

Guest Wings

Unique Secrets

Corridor of Winds
Gardens of Tranquility
Orrery of Hidden Stars
The Hearth Chamber

The House of Shadowed Corners

The House of Shadowed Corners RocketPropelledGrenade