Sorcery Initiation - Student of the Constellations

The sorcerer has looked into the secret heart of Creation’s stars, and wrested the secrets of destiny from their intricate dance. She may have come to this understanding after years of study, or in a single moment of realization, but it has forever changed her in learning it.

Shaping Rituals

Once per story, the sorcerer may study the stars at night and cast a personal horoscope, rolling (Intelligence + Lore) and gaining sorcerous motes equal to the successes. These motes last for the story’s duration. If the sorcerer has access to an orrery, observatory, or other appropriate star-reading equipment, she may add up to two dice to the Intelligence + Lore roll at the ST’s discetion.

When the sorcerer sleeps, her player may describe the oracular visions and omens that fill her dreams. She recovers no Willpower from sleep, instead rolling (Wits + Occult) and gaining one sorcerous mote per success. These motes last until the next time she sleeps, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. If the sorcerer spends all of the sorcerous motes granted by a dream casting her control spell, each counts as two motes towards meeting the spell’s cost. Once per story, the sorcerer’s player may stunt to describe how the current situation was somehow symbolized by her dreams, essentially declaring that her past dreams retroactively foreshadow the present. Doing so awards her a number of sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence x [stunt level + 1]), which last for the duration of the scene.

Other benefits

Omens of Distant Import (Merit •): The sorcerer’s understanding of the interconnections of fate serves as a gateway through which the sorcerer may send her presence to distant corners of Creation. Once per day, she may waive the Willpower costs of a spell that allows her to sense things remotely or project her presence from afar, such as Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares.

Secrets of Troubled Fate (Merit ••): The sorcerer is adept at finding hidden signs of unbridled sorcerous power at work in the world—a sorcerer wreaking havoc with spells, a demon bound to ill ends or unbound and rampaging, an ancient curse fallen upon the land. Any tracking rolls the wearer makes to pinpoint or chase down such effects enjoys double 9s.

Sorcery Initiation - Student of the Constellations

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