Roaring Dragon Masque

Roaring Dragon Masque

The origin of this red jade armor is lost to history, but it must predated the Immaculate Order, because it’s made to look like a primeval dragon, contorted into a posture of hideous fury. It has not been condemned as blasphemous because it is an heirloom of undeniable power, but wearing it in polite company is scandalous at best, and will usually be interpreted as a studied personal affront.

Any solar or dragon-blooded may attune this armor, but if they do, they are considered to have the Hideous merit while they are wearing it. If the already possess the merit, they get a +1 bonus to Appearance.

If a character with a natural Appearance rating of 5 dons the Roaring Dragon Masque (regardless of whether they normally possess the Hideous merit), they may pay three extra motes to attune the armor. If they do, everyone with a Resolve of 4 or less who sees the character will gain a minor tie of fear towards the Roaring Dragon Masque. This can be resisted by spending willpower, like any other instill attempt, and only occurs the first time an onlooker sees a particular person wearing the Roaring Dragon Masque.

Scales Like Iron
Cost: 1m/soak Type: Reflexive Mins: Essence 1
Keywords: Withering-only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

The carved jade plates of the Roaring Dragon Masque, so much like scales, glow with the white-hot fury of the forge. Against a single withering attack, this evocation improves the armor’s soak by one point per mote spent, up to a maximum of (Appearance) motes.

Breath Like a Furnace
Cost: 6m, 2i Type: Simple Mins: Essence 2
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Scales Like Iron

The exalt lets the face plate of his helmet drop down and unleashes a terrifying scream that reverberates through the carved dragon fangs to become a roar to quell the mightiest spirit. Roll (Appearance + Performance) against the resolve of every enemy within short range (modified by applicable intimacies). Anyone affected by this evocation loses one initiative for every threshold success on this roll. Add an amount of initiative to the character’s pool equal to the largest amount lost by a non-trivial opponent, plus a single initiative break bonus if he managed to crash at least one enemy.

This evocation may only be used once per scene, but may be reset if the wearer personally slays the most powerful member of the enemy forces.

Eyes of Burning Hate
Cost: 6m, 1w Type: Reflexive Mins: Essence 3
Keywords: Decisive-only
Prerequisites: Breath Like a Furnace

As ghastly as the carving of the Roaring Dragon Masque is, its magic goes deeper. This evocation transforms the wearer, briefly granting them the limitless elemental fury of an ancient dragon, causing even the most potent of his enemies to hesitate before striking a killing blow. Used against a decisive attack, Eyes of Burning Hate removes (Appearance) dice from the raw damage, before it is compared to Hardness. If the attacker has an Intimacy of Fear towards the character or the Roaring Dragon Masque, subtract a number of successes equal to the Intimacy rating from the damage roll.

This evocation can be used once per scene, but may be reset by landing a decisive blow that deals at least 3 health levels of damage on the attacker who provoked its use.

Roaring Dragon Masque

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