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Chronicle Overview

Campaign elements of note will be listed here as they enter the campaign.

House Rules

A summary of rulings, restrictions, and new material for the chronicle.

Chronicle House Rules
Converted Material from Previous Editions


Figures of particular note in the chronicle. Some characters may be found within the articles for organizations or locations with which they are associated with instead.

Player Characters

Adar Aponi, Twilight Caste
Kasheem, Dawn Caste
Viridian Corona, Night Caste
Bright Wind, Zenith Caste

Allies and Rivals


Notable Defeated Enemies

Ledaal Asaan
Cathak Syasa
Hagga the Bear
Siwiss the Howler


Places of import, including structures, cities, nations, and tracts of wilderness.

The House of Shadowed Corners
The Bamboo Forest
The Northern Hills


Groups bound together by common cause that influence the course of the chronicle’s events.

The Hill Tribes
The Red Pelt Tribe
The Nations of Chei


Wonders of artifice and sorcery.

Volcano Cutter
Flowering Web
Roaring Dragon Masque
Legion-Warding Raiment
(Silken Armor, Name TBD)
Gem of the Fated Path

Other Elements

Everything else worth noting.

Sorcery Initiation – Trials of Javarajati
Sorcery Initiation – Student of the Constellations

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