Converted Material from Previous Editions


Note that all these conversions are subject to potential revision, especially if an official version is released.

Terrestrial Circle

Becoming the Wood Friend

Cost: 7sm, 1wp
Keywords: Psyche
Duration: Until the sorcerer next sleeps

With a swirl of green mist, the sorcerer draws wood-aspected Essence in to transform her. Her skin becomes greenish, and her hair like leaves.
Until the next time she sleeps, the caster moves unhindered through dense foliage, and takes no penalties due to plant life, dense foliage, or unstable footing caused by vegetation. Instead, she adds her Essence to all dice pools to move through plant-based terrain, from forest canopies to peat bogs.
Mundane tracking cannot follow the sorcerer through vegetation, and supernatural trackers increase the difficulty of following the sorcerer in such conditions by 2.
If the caster encounters intelligent plant life while this spell is active, both the caster and the plant life are affected as if they had a Minor Tie encouraging friendly interaction and peace towards each other for the duration of the spell. The sorcerer also is affected by a Minor Principle of “I must not needlessly harm plants” for the duration of the spell. If the sorcerer acts against this Intimacy, it ceases to affect her, but she cannot cast this spell again for three full days following her action.

Burning Eyes of the Offender

Cost: 10sm, 1wp
Keywords: Uniform, Perilous
Duration: One scene

The sorcerer’s aura ignites in colorless fire, which reflects the nature of her anima if she possesses one. All who gaze upon the sorcerer weep uncontrollably, their eyes stung by her blazing halo.
This spell imposes a penalty equal to the sorcerer’s Essence against all attacks against her that originate within short range, even attacks against which she cannot apply her Defense. it does not protect allies standing next to her. Opponents who are blind or who avert their eyes do not suffer this penalty, but an attacker who averts his eyes suffers the same penalties as if he was blind (-3 to rolls depending on sight).
The sorcerer may dismiss this spell as a reflexive action.

Commanding Presence of Fire

Cost: 6sm, 1wp
Keywords: Perilous
Duration: Up to one scene

The sorcerer ignites the fires of her spirit into a huge projection in her own image, dozens of feet tall and wreathed in flame, high enough to be seen for miles. Speaking through the image, the sorcerer’s voice is amplified so that all who can see her can hear her, even over a howling storm or a riotous battlefield.
The projection lasts for (Essence) turns automatically, and up to one scene. For every additional (Essence) turns the sorcerer for which the sorcerer wishes to extend the spell, they must succeed on a reflexive Stamina roll at difficulty 1. Failure ends the spell.
Any social influence actions relying on projecting power, inflaming passion, or inspiring courage or emotion gains a bonus to the sorcerer’s Occult rating. This bonus is further increased by the sorcerer’s Wits when commanding battlegroups with order, rally, or rally for numbers actions.

Flight of Separation

Cost: 6sm, 1wp
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Until arrival at chosen destination

The sorcerer speaks the Word of Ten Thousand Birds, part of the song all the birds of Creation sing when they gather in one place. Because humans cannot speak this word, the caster is suddenly transformed into a flock of birds in a burst of Essence. The birds fly together to a point up to (Essence) miles away, crossing two range bands every turn, and roll the sorcerer’s Wits + Occult to disengage, adding the sorcerer’s Essence as automatic successes. Once the birds reach the caster’s destination, they coalesce to become the sorcerer once more.
Attacking the birds functions like attacking the sorcerer, except that the birds cannot parry, and their Evasion ignores mobility penalties from armor and is increased by the sorcerer’s Essence. The birds cannot take actions other than reflexive movement or attempts to disengage from combat, including the use of the sorcerer’s charms.
Any levels of decisive damage are reflected by the deaths of several birds until the caster reforms, whereupon the damage manifests as wounds and the slain birds dissolve into pools of the caster’s blood. Each sorcerer always becomes a particular species of bird, often reflecting some affinity of their Essence.

Special Activation Rules: The first shape sorcery action for this spell may be taken reflexively. If the sorcerer is unable to complete casting the spell in a single shape sorcery action, she may continue to shape sorcery as her action on subsequent turns until the spell is completed, following normal rules.

Internal Flame

Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-only, Perilous
Duration: One scene

The sorcerer chooses a single character within medium range and hurls streamers of burning red and gray Essence at them. These streamers seep past armor and clothing to sink into the target’s body, where they flow into his skeleton and fill it with the Essence of fire.
This spell allows the Sorcerer to resolve a Difficulty 5 Gambit, using Wits + Occult for the attack roll. The decisive attack for the gambit cannot be dodged or parried without the assistance of a stunt or charm, and threshold successes on the attack roll add to the dice pool for the gambit.
If the gambit is successful, the spell gives the target’s bone marrow the qualities of molten iron. The target suffers as if standing inside a bonfire for a number of turns equal to the Sorcerer’s Occult, or until the victim receives medical attention Internal Flame inflicts intense agony on an affected target, causing them to suffer a -2 penalty to all actions, and a -1 penalty to Parry, Evasion, Guile, and Resolve for the rest of the scene, which stacks with wound penalties and similar effects. This spell is especially dangerous to mortals and animals, continuing to inflict the penalties from pain until the target is healed of all damaged health levels.
If this spell is a sorcerer’s control spell, the sorcerer does not lose initiative for successfully executing the spell’s gambit.

Treating the Internal Flame

Requires an Intelligence + Medicine roll by another character at a difficulty equal to the sorcerer’s Essence + 1. Lack of appropriate tools, such as acupuncture needles, imposes a -2 penalty on the roll. Success ends the ongoing damage and reduces the penalty from pain to -1 for the rest of the scene.

Purifying Flames

Cost: 20sm, 1wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant

The sorcerer wills Essence outwards in a blazing white, heatless flame. The flame surges from her body and seeks out any poison, corruption or toxicity in her presence.
This spell halts all decay and destroys all non-magical poisons within enough food to feed approximately a dozen people, or it cleanses a single fouled well or self-contained water source. it neutralizes any non-magical poison already within a creature’s body, preventing any further damage or negative effects, but it does not heal damage already taken.

Sting of the Ice Hornets

Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-only, Perilous
Duration: (Essence +2) turns

The sorcerer invokes a cloud of grayish essence, which crystallizes into a swarm of ice shards that launch themselves at the sorcerer’s enemy. The shards of ice pursue their target until the magic expends itself or the target lies as a shredded corpse on the ground.
When invoking this spell, the sorcerer rolls (Perception + Occult) as a decisive attack against a target within medium range. This attack does not reset the sorcerer to base initiative. The attack has a raw damage of (Essence + extra successes). If the attack misses, or if it deals less than its full damage, the ice hornets continue to pursue their target, re-rolling the sorcerer’s attack pool, continuing to attack until the target moves to extreme range or the sorcerer, or a number of turns equal to the (sorcerer’s Essence +2) have passed. The raw damage of the spell remains based on the initial attack roll, and is reduced by (1 + the number of dice that rolled successes) each time it hits the target and fails to deal full damage. if this would reduce the spell’s raw damage for any future attack to 0 or less, the last of the ice hornets have been expended, and the spell ends.

Converted Material from Previous Editions

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