Chronicle House Rules

Training Times

I will not be enforcing training times initially, but reserve the right to do at my discretion in order to improve the flow of the game.


No house rules as such, just please warn me if you want to use the system, discuss your reasons for doing so, and give me time to prepare to deal with it. I would also prefer to avoid dealing with Craft during the game’s first story arc, as I will have enough on my plate with the other subsystems.


Thaumaturgy as presented in the Exalted corebook does not exist. Minor mortal magics do exist in setting, but the rules for them are different. Until such time as I find a reason to create PC-facing rules for these minor magics, there won’t be any (beyond the minor revisions to the Occult charm “Dark-Minder’s Observances,” detailed below).



All Charm purchases must be approved by the ST. As the chronicle continues, and I have more time to review the various charm trees, I hope to be able to lift this general restriction and replace it with specific rulings on all Charms that might cause problems. Until that point, consider this a way of flagging specific areas of note for me to get to first.

Restricted/Banned Charms

All charms that are not allowed in the campaign, either outright or in their current state, are listed below, along with the reasoning for their restriction. This list may expand as I continue to read through the Charms chapter, or it may shrink if I grow more comfortable with a given idea or implementation. These restrictions are primarily intended to lower my workload as ST, so I may consider revising them with a sufficiently strong appeal.


Note that I’m not really ready to deal with the craft system just yet, so consider these restrictions future-proofing, rather than something to worry about at the start of the chronicle. Discuss any intent to craft with me well before you plan on investing in it

Dual Magnus Prana: This charm is too specific, too weird, and has too many implications and knock-on effects that need navigating to be available in the baseline Solar charmset. Furthermore, this charm offers a way to cheapen the consequences of conflict, undermining a major theme of Exalted, and provides a tremendously powerful survival effect not available through the charm trees actually devoted to keeping your character alive. Effects similar to it might (with a strong emphasis on “might”) be possible, but never through this specific implementation. Banned.
Design Beyond Limit: This charm deals with a version of the Evocation system that was cut from the game, and was left in the book in error. Banned.
Celestial Reforging Technique: See previous note. Banned.


Flowing Mind Prana: While I am sympathetic to the desire to support the archetypal wise teacher character, XP-manipulation mechanics almost never work out. Banned.
Legendary Scholar’s Curriculum: See previous note. Banned.
Tireless Learner Method: See previous note. Banned.
Selfsame Master Instructor: See previous note. Banned.
Wake the Sleeper: XP-manipulation issues with this one, too. Banned.
Heaven-Turning Calculations: An excessively broad grab-bag of disparate effects, some of which limit design space for future content. Banned.


Hundred-Faced Stranger: While the basic persona mechanics in Heart-Eclipsing Shroud are evocative enough to be worth the extra record-keeping, the increasing complexity for each charm that follows it become less and less worth the additional effort from anything but a pure mechanical optimization perspective. Banned.
Legend Mask Methodology: See previous note. Banned.
Draw the Curtain: See previous note.Banned.
Fugue-Empowered Other: See previous note. Banned.
Soul-Reprisal: In addition to my stance on the prerequisites, this charm offers a way to cheapen the consequences of conflict, undermining a major theme of Exalted, and provides a tremendously powerful survival effect not available through the charm trees actually devoted to keeping your character alive. Oh, and it’s an immersion-breaking reference to Doctor Who (nothing against the Doctor, but I would not be able to take any character seriously ever again after they used this charm). Banned.


Shadow Replacement Technique: A very, very cool charm concept, but too outlandish to feel appropriate in the baseline Solar charmset. An effect similar to this might be possible through alternate methods. Restricted.

Altered Charms

Charms I am mostly comfortable with, but wish to alter in some way (such as changing the prerequisites) are listed here, along with the reasoning for the changes.


Dark-Minder’s Observances: This charm no longer teach thaumaturgy, due to the removal of that system. Instead, it teaches a number of strange but minor wonders and miracles equal to the rituals it would have provided previously, which should be about equivalent in power or scope to the example thaumaturgical rituals the corebook provides. Essentially, this is a change in flavor only.

Chronicle House Rules

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