A village near the The House of Shadowed Corners, built on bamboo stilts over the river that runs through the valley. The only part of the village not kept over the river is a series of rice paddies on the northern banks.

Villagers fear the local beastmen of the Red Pelt tribe, propitiate the river god Flows-With-Wisdom over whose domain they live, and hunt in the bamboo forest of Hollow Stalks, the wood elemental who claims dominion over the local bamboo forest. An omen-reading tradition heavily influences their culture.

Major Figures of Bridge-on-the-Water

Bright Harvest, Village Headman
Sighing Wind, Elder Shaman
Wounded Deer, Master Hunter

Other villagers

Chasing Jade (Villager who greeted the PCs)
Gift of Silver (Bright Harvest’s Daughter)


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