The Halls of Shadowed Corners

While gaining entry to the manse is challenging, the true difficulty of claiming it lies in navigating the Essence-shrouded labyrinth within. The halls of the manse are larger on the inside than the outside of the manse, and are mystically warding with workings of secrecy and confusion. Some rooms of the manse are linked such that travel within them is possible without entering the labyrinth, but to get between the various wings of the manse, travelers must attempt to decipher the patterns of the shifting halls within the labyrinth.

Mastering the Labyrinth

Learning the secrets of the manse is an extended roll, using an Attribute + Ability combination of the traveler’s choice (which may require a stunt, depending on the method chosen). The roll defaults to Intelligence + Lore if the traveler is uncertain of what to use. A group of characters exploring the labyrinth together may all roll and pool their threshold successes. The roll’s Difficulty is 5, the interval is eight hours, and the goal number is twenty. The roll has no terminus. However, reaching this goal number only reveals another of the house’s secrets, and the roll must be continued to find more, with extra successes continuing towards the next goal. After a character has discovered five of the house’s secret areas, the next area they discover is invariably the hearth chamber. The PCs begin having discovered a single wing of guest quarters fit to house a substantial delegation in comfort, but nothing else remarkable.

Botching at any point of the investigation leads to the character being swallowed up the manse’s labyrinth. After a day of desperately traveling through endless halls, the walls grow vines and thorns, and he emerges at the outer edge of the hedge maze.

The Halls of Shadowed Corners

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