A simple door of lacquered wood set into a side wall of one of the labyrinth’s hallways breaks up your traverse of the endless-seeming maze. Upon approaching it, you notice hinges of black jade and starmetal on the otherwise unadorned door, and hear the faint sound of lapping water from the other side.

Opening the door reveals an impossibly-wide expanse of water on the other side, and the smell of the sea assaults your nostrils. What’s more, the wall around the door only seems to exist on the side from which you approach it. Sticking your head through the door shows only the door’s frame of lacquered wood and a white jade ledge barely wide enough to stand upon with the door closed.

The door connects to a space folded into the fabric of Creation, which touches on the House of Shadowed Corners through the door, as well as the Dreaming Sea, the White Sea in the North, and the great Western Ocean through the dragon lines that run through them.

The Sea-Beyond-the-Door is its own place, however, and contains its own secrets. There are numerous islands spread across the hidden sea, although spotting any of them from the door-ledge requires a difficulty 3 Perception + Awareness roll. These islands are inhabited by a great deal of natural wildlife, as well as the occasional creation of the Flower-and-Beast cauldron. Sometimes demons are able to cross into the Sea-Beyond-the-Door through the Sea That Marched Against the Flame, although they are trapped in the folded space around it unless they can find one of the connection points that leads them out.

Exiting the Sea-Beyond-the-Door through any means but the door back to the manse is extremely difficult, requiring a traveler to find one of the connections to elsewhere in Creation with an Extended Int + (lower of Sail and Occult) roll, which cannot be attempted without a means of traversing the waters at a reasonable speed, such as speed-enhancing Athletics Charms, an aquatic or flying steed, or a boat. The difficulty of this roll depends on the connection point being sought, the interval is eight hours, the goal number is 15, and the terminus is five rolls. Attempting to find a connection can be retried after a full season has passed. There are numerous connection points to Creation’s greatest bodies of water, with points in the Dreaming Sea being difficulty 2, points in the Western Ocean being difficulty 3, points in the White Sea being difficulty 4, and exiting to other major bodies of water (such as the Yellow River), being difficulty 5. Finding a more specific connection within a given body of water adds 1 to the difficulty of the roll.


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