Pyross, the Bone and Ash Worm

This massive beast resembles a cross between a centipede and a massive spinal cord, but coated in a thick layer of black ash. It terminates not in a head, but in a layered mass of snapping jaws.


Willpower 10, Essence 5, Join Battle 10 dice (base initiative 5)
Personal Motes: 50/50
Health Levels: -0×8/-1×10/-2×12/-4×6/Incap
Appearance 5 (Hideous), Resolve 5, Guile 1


Feats of Strength: 20 dice (May attempt strength 10+ feats)
Resist Poison/Sickness: 20 dice
Senses: 12 dice
Tracking: 10 dice
Intimdiation: 15 dice

Attack (Crushing Coils): 5 dice (Damage 18, minimum 3) (see Unstoppable Serpent Coils)
Attack (Layered Jaws): 9 dice (Damage 25, minimum 6)
Attack (Grapple) 10 dice (14 dice to control) The Bone-and-Ash Worm makes unopposed control rolls against enemies of smaller size, unless its victims use magic that allows them to clinch larger enemies, such as Dragon Coil Technique.
Combat Movement: 12 dice (See Unstoppable Serpent Coils)
Evasion 3, Parry 6
Soak/Hardness: 20/10

Legendary Size Pyross’ size makes it extraordinarily difficult for human-scale enemies to engage it in combat. It does not take onslaught penalties from any attack made by a smaller opponent, although magically inflicted onslaught penalties still apply against it. Withering attacks made by smaller enemies cannot drop it below 1 Initiative unless they have a post-soak damage of 10 dice (although attackers can still gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt). Decisive attacks made by smaller enemies cannot deal more than (3 + attacker’s Strength) levels of damage to the Bone-and-Ash Worm with a single attack, not counting any levels of damage added by Charms or other magic.

Unstoppable Serpent Coils Where the Bone-and-Ash Worm moves, ruin follows. The behemoth may flurry an attack with its Crushing Coils alongside any other action without penalty. This attack applies to all targets within close range of the behemoth, although separate rolls are made to apply it to each target. These attacks may be either withering or decisive.
Structures within close range are instead subject to a reflexive feat of strength to damage or destroy them. Such feats receive double 8s on the roll. Destroying a large tent or longhouse requires 6-10 successes, while grinding away a stone fortress might take 50 successes or more over several rolls.
In addition, the behemoth may make a reflexive attack with its Crushing Coils against any character who fails to defeat it in an opposed combat movement roll.
Pyross may substitute a grapple gambit for a Crushing Coils attack against a single target while at Initiative 11+. This may be done with only one Crushing Coils attack per turn. Targets grappled in this manner do not penalize or limit the behemoth for grappling them, and it may even grapple multiple targets in this manner.
Pyross may not attack targets with its Crushing Coils except as permitted by this merit.

Beyond Death’s Reach Pyross’s incapacitated health level cannot be filled, except by an attack enhanced by a charm or power that infuses the target with Essence opposed to that of the Underworld, such as the Zenith caste anima power or the final evocation of Livewood Heart. however, If this final health level would be filled, the attacker does not reset to base initiative for making a decisive attack, and the beast is driven into convulsions of pain. It may activate World-Traversing Burrow for free on its next turn, and is all but certain to do so in order to flee such powerful opponents.

Offensive Charms

Bone-and-Ash Exhalation (7m; Simple; Instant; Withering-only): Pyross opens its innumerable gnashing jaws and unleashes a gout of smothering ash over the battlefield. This charm creates a withering attack of thirteen dice against all targets within a range band of each other out to medium range from the beast’s maw. The attack cannot be parried without a means of defending against unblockable attacks. The attack has a damage of 14 (minimum 5). Pyross gains one point of initiative for each target affected, but does not gain initiative for damage inflicted.

Deathly Leviathan Force (1m/2dice; Reflexive, Instant, Uniform): Pyross attacks with unbelievable force, adding up to six dice to a Crushing Coil attack or up to eight dice to a Layered Jaws attack..

Defensive Charms
Shedding Ash Skin (3m; Reflexive; Instant; Uniform, Stackable): In the rare cases where Pyross feels at all threatened, it may spray forth a cloud of ash at the attacker to foul aim and steal away force from incoming blows. By activating this charm, Pyross may increase its Defense against a single attack by an amount equal to its current Evasion. it may activate this charm a number of times equal to its current Evasion, but each additional activation reduces the amount by which it increases Defense by 1.

Immortal Behemoth Grandeur (1m, 1 wp; Reflexive; instant) The power and might of the Bone-and-Ash Worm mock any attempts to confront it, even by the mightiest of warriors. Pyross may activate this charm at any point after having ended a turn in initiative crash, immediately resetting to base initiative.

Miscellaneous Charms
World-traversing Burrow (20m, 2 wp; Simple; Until end of round) The Bone-and-Ash Worm burrows deep into the ground beneath it, sinking first into the surface of the world, then beneath and beyond it. This charm allows the hekatonkheire to travel between Creation and the Underworld without the need for a Shadowland. It begins burrowing on its turn, and submerges at the end of the round. It emerges at the next stroke of midnight and while its location in the other world is typically near the equivalent of its starting point, it may be up to 50 miles away. This charm may only be used once each season, unless triggered by filling the behemoth’s incapacitated health level with damage that cannot kill it.

Pyross, the Bone and Ash Worm

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