A huge, blue-skinned man in regal robes, with a beard of flowing water.


When Flows-with-Wisdom materializes, his form is that of an eight-foot tall man with deep blue skin, dressed in magistrate’s robes of an ancient style. His raiment is pure white silk chased with golden thread, and fitted with buttons of black jade. The spirit’s beard resembles is formed of flowing water that pours from his chin, for several feet, then fading into a faint mist. It never soaks or stains his robes, but it may drip slowly onto the ground in front of his white jade sandals over a prolonged conversation.

If challenged, Flows-with-Wisdom remains in his magisterial aspect, but calls up a white jade rod from the riverbed, hung with beads of black and blue jade, and carved with Old Realm characters denoting his sovereignty over the river.



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