Bright Wind, Zenith Caste


Concept: Nomad caravan leader
Caste: Zenith

XP: 5 (56 spent, 61 total)
Solar XP: 2 (18 spent, 20 total)

Essence: 2
Personal: 16 / 16
Peripheral: 31 / 40 (9 committed to attunement)

Social (Primary):
Charisma: 4
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 4

Physical (Secondary):
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 3

Mental (Tertiary):
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3

Athletics: 3
Integrity: 4
Presence (Supernal): 5
Survival: 5
Resistance: 3

Archery: 5
Awareness: 5
Dodge: 4
Ride: 4
War: 2

Melee: 1
Linguistics: 1
Socialize: 3

Contacts (Eastern Scavenger Lands): 3
Cult: 1
Familiar (Shadowed Star, Horse): 2
Followers (ex-bandit nomads): 1
Resources: 2
Language: Forest-tongue, Old Realm

Willpower: 5 / 5
Health Levels: -0 / -1 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -2 / -2 / -4 / Inc



Friendship with Animals Approach

Master Horseman’s Techniques (Horse-Summoning Whistle, Spirit-Steadying Assurances, Blood Rider’s Toughness)
Flashing Thunderbold Steed
Seasoned Beast-Rider’s Approach
Worthy Mount Technique

Wise Arrow
Trance of Unhesitating Speed
Phantom Arrow Technique

Graceful Crane Stance
Monkey Leap Technique
Lightning Speed

Listener Swaying Argument
Harmonious Presence Meditation
Majestic Radiant Presence
Impassioned Discourse Technique
Terrifying Apparition of Glory
Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgement

Reed in the Wind

Sensory Acuity Prana
Surprise Anticipation Method

Ox Body Technique

Motive Discerning Technique

Limit Trigger

The Solar leaves allies in danger when she could assist them.


“Never surrender your freedom.” – Defining Principle
The Caravan (Loyalty) – Defining Tie
Shadowed Star (Love) – Major Tie
“A group that works together is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Major Principle
“All stand equal in the eyes of Heaven.” – Major principle
Cities (Discomfort) – Minor Tie
Nobles (disdain) – Minor Tie

From the ancient Solar Ghost:
The House of Shadowed Corners (Possessive Pride)—Defining Tie
Springing Reed, my Sidereal Lover (Betrayal)—Defining Tie
The Dragon-Blooded (Retributive Rage)—Major Tie
“My secrets must die with me”—Minor Principle

From dragonblooded sorceress:
“Knowledge is my greatest passion.” Defining Principle
My brother, Cathak Neeru (Loyalty), Defining Tie
My brother, Cathak Neeru (Rivalry), Major Tie


Livewood Heart
Attack: 9 (Dex 4 + Archery 5) + range (-1 close, +5 short, +3 medium, +1 long, -1 extreme)
Damage: 12 (Str 2 + weapon 10)
Overwhelming 3

Composite Bow
Attack: 9 (Dex 4 + Archery 5) + range modifier (-2 close, +4 short, +2 medium, 0 long)
Damage: 11 (Str 2 + weapon 9)
Overwhelming 1

Slashing Sword:
Attack: 7 (Dex 4 + Melee 1 + Accuracy 2)
Damage: 11 (Str 2 + Weapon 9)
Overwhelming: 1
Parry: 4

Flowering Web (Green Jade and Starmetal Breastplate)t:
Soak: 8 (3 Sta +5 armor), Hardness 4

Orichalcum Hearthstone Circlet (Artifact 2)

The Gem of the Fated Path (Greater Sidereal Hearthstone)

Keywords: Manse-born
The bearer of this stone always instinctively senses the cardinal directions, and reduces the difficulty of any roll to avoid becoming lost by 2. This bonus applies even to navigating magical mazes, including finding new areas within the House of Shadowed Corners.



Bright Wind grew up along the southeastern edge of the Hundred Kingdoms, the only child of a horse breeder well known in the region for the quality of his horses. Learning to ride before she could walk, she was an independent-minded girl, and far more comfortable in the company of horses than people.

At fourteen, however, one of the local lords came to their home and made her father a new offer; he didn’t want to just buy one or two horses, he wanted horses for a host of soldiers, and he offered Bright Wind’s father a title and a place in court… and an alliance, cemented by the lord’s marriage to Bright Wind herself. Her father accepted.

But Bright Wind wanted nothing to do with this lord, who came with his promises of luxury and power, and demanded nothing but her freedom and her future. While her father and the lord were celebrating their impending alliance, she stole away, packing only a few meager belongings, saddling her favorite mare, and riding off into the night.

In the years that followed, she traveled the length and breadth of the hundred kingdoms and the eastern scavenger lands, sometimes trading, sometimes scavenging, and sometimes even briefly taking to banditry to support herself.

In time, she found that while she loved the freedom of the roads, and detested the closed-in cities that she visited on occasion, she knew that a lone traveler was at risk from any number of threats. And so she started seeking out others like herself – wanderers who, through choice or through exile, called the road their home. First it was just a handful, then a score, but as time went on and more and more travelers joined, it grew into a large caravan – almost a mobile city in its own right, with great wagons instead of houses, herds of goats and horses instead of sheep and cattle, and a great determination to carve out a place in the hundred kingdoms where they could be themselves; unconstrained by their pasts or by the rules or dictates of petty lords.

Bright Wind – having exalted as a Zenith caste while working to build the caravan, now travels independently with a small group of other members of the caravan who have given her their loyalty and service. Rather than watch over her creation directly, she scouts for it, seeking out more individuals – especially rumors of other solars – who might choose to make their caravan a home, as well as resources that could be turned to the caravan’s benefit.

And maybe, just maybe, a place they could settle and build an actual nation for themselves.

Bright Wind, Zenith Caste

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