The House of Shadowed Corners

Session 4: Showdown with the Sky Axes

Hagga the Bear shows up to the challenge issued by Kasheem with an army of several hundred warriors, including a number of god-bloods fathered by Siwiss the Howler. The Circle slays Hagga and Siwiss, with Adar ending the spirit’s life using Ghost-Eating Technique, and Kasheem stares down Hagga’s tame bear. Intimidated by such a display, the few survivors surrender, and when their wounds are tended, some of them lead Kasheem and Bright Wind to the central camp of the Sky Axes, while Adar and Corona watch over prisoners. After talking down the aggressive posturing of Othir, a loud-mouthed tribesman, the Solar envoys find a suitable interim leader for the tribe in Nior, an elder who they believe is interested in peace. Nior helps the Solars gather food to replace what was stolen and destroyed, and they meet with their compatriots and all return to the village.

Bright Harvest is pleased to see them, and accepts the food gladly, while making sure to share it with the Red Pelt to restore trade. He informs the Solars that Sighing Wind had a vision that led him to support trade more fully (courtesy of a spell cast by Corona while the Circle waited for Hagga), but that Wounded Deer stormed out of the village in protest, and has fled to the Nations of Chei. The Circle is now waiting for the arrival of the Guild trader who is returning from the far East on the river.

Session began: Afternoon on the nineteenth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Session ended: Morning on the twenty-third day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Time elapsed since last session: 6 days
Time elapsed since start of chronicle: 22 days

Experience earned:

5 XP
2 Solar XP, plus 2 extra for Kasheem and Bright Wind



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