The House of Shadowed Corners

Session 3: The Sky Axe Marauders

While the PCs made ready to investigate the events at the village, Bright Wind rode ahead, her Exalted prowess making her able to reach the village more swiftly than any mortal rider. She crossed the river from the North and found a Red Pelt camp being set up, under the guidance of Horl, who had been previously friendly to the PCs. He remained so, but also insisted that the villagers live up to their side of the bargain and pay for herbs that had been delivered, saying that the village was acting in bad faith.

Bright Wind offered to speak to the headman of the village for him, and leaped with her horse onto the raised platforms of the village, shocking Wounded Deer, who had been watching the wolfmen. She exchanged a few harsh words with Wounded Deer, who was scornful of the peace, before continuing on to Bright Harvest’s house. There, she learned that a Guild trader would be returning from the East in approximately a week (around the twenty-third day of the month) and he had hoped to secure goods for the village with the omen flowers the wolfmen had provided. However, Bright Wind managed to convince him to return the flowers as a show of good faith, and assured him that she and her companions would retrieve whatever could be gotten from the barbarian raiders.

She then returned to the Circle, sharing the news, but they continued on to the village in order to pick up the trail of the raiders in the morning. Over the night, Adar helped treat those injured in the raid, and Corona stole some cloth once used in Sighing Wind’s garments to use for her spells. The Circle then set out to track the barbarians northwards into the hills, where a fierce rainstorm blinded them to an ambush by the raiders’ rearguard. They fought through a force of over twenty barbarian warriors, led by a god-blooded champion, turning the ambush against their attackers.

Adar set to healing those injured by the attack, who were moved to within the cave from which the ambush was laid, and questioned about their tribe, the Sky Axes, most powerful of the hill tribes. They learned of Siwiss the Howler, the cruel storm spirit who led them, and Hagga the Bear, their warlike chieftain and Siwiss’ favored son. Kasheem then had the most cooperative of the prisoners deliver a message to Hagga, challenging him to meet them for single combat, or at least negotiate such a duel, within three days, saying that the prisoners would be sold to the Guild if Hagga did not respond. After sending off the messenger, he reassured the group that this callous statement was to provoke Hagga, and the group began to plan for dealing with the god-blood and his spirit father.

Session began: Midday on the sixteenth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Session ended: The evening of the seventeenth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Next session will pick up after a two day time skip, during the nineteenth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Time elapsed since last session: 1 days
Time elapsed since start of chronicle: 16 days

Experience earned

5 XP: All Characters
2 Solar XP: All Characters, +2 more for Adar



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