The House of Shadowed Corners

Session 2: Exploring the Shadowed Corners

Session Highlights

The PCs turned their focus to the manse they had claimed, and began exploring the labyrinth within the house of Shadowed Corners. Adar summoned a pair of greenmaws as the exploration began, and over the course of the next few days, the PCs found a vault of magnificent treasure (granting all PCs increased Resources), a dangerous and enlightening set of trials amidst fire, the manse’s ruined archives, and a trophy room of ancient weapons, before finding the manse’s hearth chamber. They found the bodies of an ancient confrontation between the manse’s ancient owner and his Dragon-Blooded betrayers, and dealt with the twist ghost of the old Solar. All the PCs attuned to the manse, and Bright Wind claimed its hearthstone. When they returned to Bright Wind’s followers, they were informed that barbarians had raided Bridge-on-the-Water and seized supplies intended for the Red Pelt tribe, who were outraged by their loss.

Session began: The morning of the ninth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Session ended: Midday on the sixteeth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Time elapsed since last session: 8 days
Time elapsed since start of chronicle: 15 days

Experience earned

5 XP: All Characters
2 Solar XP: All Characters



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