The House of Shadowed Corners

Session 1: Diplomacy and Trade

Session Highlights:

The PCs met with the villagers of Bridge-on-the-Water, seeking to get the villager’s aid in spotting the incoming Wyld Hunt, although no direct mention of the Hunt was made. The village headman was suspicious, and proposed (with the assistance of Kasheem) that the PCs work to aid the village in order to earn their assistance. The headman, Bright Harvest, proposed that they rough up the wolfmen of the Red Pelt tribe to discourage raids, and the PCs agreed to look into the matter.

Once in the bamboo forest, the PCs decided to try diplomacy before violence, and sought to track Red Pelt hunters who might be contacted. While tracking the hunters, they drew the attention of the wood spirit Hollow Stalks, who drew beasts to attack them, and grew angry at Adar for her prayers to Varesha. Hollow Stalks was talked down, but his anger drew the attention of Kerag, a wolfman hunter, who brought the PCs to his packleader, Horl. With Horl’s help, the PCs met with all the other Red Pelt packleaders and were able to propose a trade agreement with the village, so that the wolfmen would gather the hallucinogenic omen flowers for the villagers, and the villagers would trade food to them in exchange. Although there was much resistance from skeptics on both sides, an initial round of exchanges seem to have set the wheels of commerce in motion, and perhaps secured peace…

Session began: The morning of the second day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Session ended: The evening of the eighth day of the Ascending month in the season of Wood.

Time elapsed: 7 days

Experience earned

5 XP: All Characters
2 Solar XP: All Characters



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